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Missy Jubilee 211 CHRONOSTATIC ILLUSION 00 00 07 08 Still004


Sometimes I feel caught in a incongruity. I am acutely aware of the absurdity of trying to explain how considerate I am, as a male living in the Information Age; Sensitive to the tide of sexist bullshit that flows over the waterfall of modern media. Tik-tok-ing its abstract behavioural expectations into the impressionable minds of the young. In the same instant I unzip my flies to the seedy underbelly of the internet. Hypocritical? Moi?

Missy Jubilee 210 LSD

‘LSD’ Script Review

Marriage is a strange institution. Moulded more by influence of the church than by the practitioner. It ties two people together in an established society. For better, or for worse.

The reason marriages fail. If I may be so bold as to offer further opinion; is that the goal of marriage is often confused. Some people think it is about sex. To some it may be, but in reality, sexual drive is a young persons domain, and marriages are meant to last a lifetime; so I don’t really think sex is a reason for marriage. Some people think it is about love. But love can be as ungraspable as the mist. It is there, sure, but what does it mean? To some it is about companionship, supposing that good friends and family mean nothing compared with someone you have legally committed to.


Synopsis of Film No. 208 ‘RUDI’

The next episode ‘208 Rudi’ is a turning point. It moves into very dark subject matter.

“Write a list of things you would never do. Because it is possible that in the next year, you will do them. Write a list of things you would never believe. Because it is possible that in the next year, you will either believe them or be forced to believe them” – Sarah Kendzior, Hiding in Plain Sight

Missy Jubilee 209 PAVLOVS WHORE

Pavlov’s Whore Script Review

Living in the UK means (and particularly London) you stumble upon Banksy’s now and then. Earlier this year I found one whilst walking round a headland on the Essex coast between Harwich (the English coastal town where the Mayflower was built) and Dovercourt (where it wasn’t), just along the peninsula. There, at a popular fishing spot was an unmistakable Banksy (he never signs his work) showing a boy with a fishing rod having caught a covid mask on the end of it.

Missy Jubilee 207 KARNAL

KARNAL Script Review

Today I learned about the death of fellow antipodean, Uncle Rolf (Harris). He died (apparently) at his home in Berkshire in the beautiful village of Bray. A long way from his birthplace of Bassendean near Perth. What surprised me though, was that I didn’t know they had let him out

Missy Jubilee X46 THE GRIM HUSTLE

The Grim Hustle Script Review

There are are huge injustices in this world. One thing we cannot do is fight them all. We have to sweat the small stuff, and hope the bigger stuff takes care of itself.

I am reading a book by self confessed leather dyke; Pat Califa called ‘Public Sex’. It was written in the era of Aids and was a humane effort to bring to light how politicians and law enforcement agencies spent far too much effort and resource trying to discredit, and if possible arrest anyone performing anything other than vanilla heterosexual sex behind closed doors as a means of stopping the disease,
when empathy, free condoms, and free needles would have gone far further and cost less.

Missy Jubilee 204 CHOPPER

CHOPPER Script Review

The film opens with a shot of a room with an old black and white cathode ray television in it. The room is unlit except by the television. We see a man with a moustache on television. He is talking. We can assume this is ‘Chopper’. He says: “Well…I mean…humanity doesn’t like me…that’s why I was sitting in here talking…i’m a bloody freak show” Cut to black and white professionally lit shot of the man. He moves his hand down out of shot, it gives the impression he is lowering a cigarette. The video is slowed. We notice he has a lot of tattoos.

Narrator talking:
“The film is really about narcissistic rage. Paranoia. And, I suppose, extreme psychological damage”. Silence and black screen.

Missy Jubilee 203 EYE WIDE OPEN 1

EYE WIDE OPEN Script Review

There has been so many words, written by educated people with far more experience than I, on the subject of love. I can hardly add more than my narrow minded white British male opinion. But somehow I feel compelled to give it, so here it is – ‘Love’ is a noun to describe a suite of emotions. A scale. I look upon it like the word ‘Colour’; on its own it is meaningless. The word can describe anything from ‘like’, to ‘obsession’.

Missy Jubilee 202 SEXXXTORTION

SEXXXTORTION script review

Clearly a word play on extortion (noun): ‘the act of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.’ The journey you have catalogued (in your 200 plus films) contain many bumps in the road. You appeared to set out to tell the story of a sexual revolutionist. But you have been interrupted rudely at times, and quite rightly feel strongly enough to take the odd detour off of that roadmap.


Kinky Fuckery Script Review

Sexual compatibility is a learned behaviour in marriage. Something you can not test for.’ So says Laura M Brotherson, author of ‘They were not Ashamed: Strengthening Marriage through Sexual Fulfilment.

There are exceptions of course. Always.

Missy Jubilee 154 THE MADNESS OF CHOICES film poster


The opening is a short essay by Charles Bukowski entitled ‘My Madness’. I prefer the lyricalism of Betjeman personally, but I like Bukowski’s grittiness. He types with nicotine stained fingers. I imagine him in a similar way to how Henry Miller was portrayed in ‘Henry and June’.


Missy Jubilee 201 KINKY FUCKERY Synopsis

Pussy isn’t a person. It is a hole for things to go in and come out of. Just a hole. How can a hole be so full of meaning and trouble. Just a bunch of neural pathways with the amygdala all lit up. Like the Botanical Gardens at
Christmas. It is the prettiest ugly thing I have ever seen

Missy Jubilee 200 BEAST 1

Missy Has Her Revenge

Missy. If you sought to reap your revenge on the viewers of this film, you have succeeded. The tears you shed to understand trauma and its consequences have served their purpose. Their perverse wisdom has been transformed into a film that has caused me to weep.

Missy Jubilee 200 BEAST ASSEMBLE 00 00 05 18 Still011

Script review BEAST

A return to your ‘horror’ theme; for further watching I recommend 7 Letters, Monster, Maneater, and Psycho. Plus numerous others that invoke peril and dread such as The Hell Mask, I like em dropped (dead) and Bad Mthrfckr. 

I re-watched ‘Mutant Santa’ thinking it would also be horror, but it is (instead) a very well reasoned treatise on the fact that age does not equate wisdom. No horror there despite the title.

Missy Jubilee 200 BEAST ASSEMBLE 00 00 05 18 Still011

Missy Jubilee 200 BEAST film synopsis

Why do we invent reasons to make sense of our existence? Some things about our existence are unexplainable. This film explores the unexplainable dynamic movement of stasis, and examines those humans living with a neurological condition known as justice through payback

It explores the parallels between murder, abstract expressionism and spiritual reasoning – while questioning God about the world as he made it

Missy Jubilee 199 PHANTASY 00 18 44 07 Still023 1

Sicko script breakdown

In my feverish imaginings, the gap between reality and fantasy meet like fused pebbles on a beach. I sometimes think that is all I need. To hold the cold pebble and gaze into its multicoloured essence. A salty rock washed by a billion waves could be a motif for the bigger picture; to step boldly into the big blue without the slightest of regret.

It makes me wonder about the reality of being. About how we form this matrix of existence; always moving forward in time and experience until our light is extinguished. Billions of beings consuming the planet by the forkful. Not caring enough to stop, but caring enough to be worried.

Missy Jubilee 198 PSYCHO 2

Psycho script review

This an interesting film. It feels like a film that has intentionally opened the side gate and gone round the back of the house. It has silently opened the back door, kicking off its shoes. It has sneaked around in the kitchen for a while, looking for a useful implement, then (misunderstanding the brief) has mistakenly chosen a spoon, before making its way to the stairs and your bedroom, where it has threatened you with what is essentially a tool for eating soup.

Missy Jubilee 196 ADDIKT

An Ugly Truth

I wonder how many of you were drawn to this article because of the word “ugly” in the title. And how many were attracted to the notion of “truth.” Were you hoping to be entertained with the repulsive or enlightened with answers? I wonder this because I was lured to Addikt because of its title. I was an alcoholic for decades and was curious to see if Missy’s experiences could illuminate my own. I was also quietly hopeful that she may salve the still raw wounds. Of course, this latter wish was a fanciful delusion because Missy’s films never placate. They provoke. I did not get a soothing emotional balm from this film. Instead, twice I felt the sharp edge of salt crystals scraping against my tender tissue.

Missy Jubilee 198 PSYCHO 1

Missy Jubilee 198 PSYCHO synopsis

‘PSYCHO’ is my 198th film in ‘The Future Sex Love Art Projekt’. This is the story of Jeffrey Dahmer’s paleo diet, Hollywood lies, real life fragments, violent revenge fantasies, ridiculous bikes, inner world train trips and throwing luggage out of windows like a metaphysical rockstar

Missy Jubilee 197 GOOD LUCK MR GORSKI 00 24 41 13 Still012

‘Good Luck Mr Gorsky’ Script Review

I am 12 or 13 years old and in laying on our tiled bathroom floor naked. I had just got out of a bath and the room is steamy and I am wet.

I decide now is a good time to see if I can crane my neck far enough to fit my penis into my mouth. I believe most boys attempt this (Auto-fellatio). It is back breaking work, but I manage it.

Missy Jubilee 197 GOOD LUCK MR GORSKI 00 24 41 13 Still012

197 GOOD LUCK MR GORSKY synopsis

Missy Jubilee’s 197th film ‘Good Luck Mr Gorsky’ ‘is a story of ventriloquists dummies, Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon and the joys of oral sex

Film Release Poster Missy Jubilee 194 DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS


‘Dirty Little Secrets’ is Missy Jubilee’s 194th film in ‘The Future Sex Love Art Projekt’. This is a story of camgirls, the porn industry and ancient aliens that have sex with ungodly women

Film Release Poster Missy Jubilee 194 DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS


‘Dirty Little Secrets’ is Missy Jubilee’s 194th film in ‘The Future Sex Love Art Projekt’. This is a story of camgirls, the porn industry and ancient aliens that have sex with ungodly women

Film release poster Missy Jubilee 192 SHEMONSTERS

WordDrop for SheMonsters

A review of Missy Jubilee’s 192nd film ‘SheMonsters’ By Alan Rogers in London Are you aware that your wordpress archive for ‘Missy Jubilee’s Vagina’ blog is still active on the web? ( I stumbled upon it today via your brief but important IMDB page. Some interesting stuff still being kept on those dusty shelves. Do […]

Missy Jubilee 187 KUNT film release poster

Missy Jubilee’s film K.U.N.T becomes a Festival Favourite

Missy Jubilee’s 187th film K.U.N.T has become the most successful film on the international film festival circuit – gathering an impressive number of finalist awards from major festivals around the world

Film release poster Missy Jubilee 190 THE BLACKEST HOLE

Missy Jubilee 190 THE BLACKEST HOLE

Missy Jubilee’s 190th film of the 250 film ‘The Future Sex Love Art Projekt’ is the feature length ‘The Blackest Hole’ – a film about a failed astronaut who gets sucked into a vagina, and then meets the mysterious serpent ‘The Vacay’