Film release poster Missy Jubilee 192 SHEMONSTERS
Film release poster Missy Jubilee 192 SHEMONSTERS

Film Synopsis by Missy Jubilee


A film about existing as a hideous misfit who deals in sexual sub-text and the sparkling sound of kitschy lies

Do you see me standing?

I imagine your lips


Look at you
Look at you
Look at your invention

Look at you
Being skull fucked by your own intention

How does it feel to get what you wanted?

You drank up the whole ocean
And you’re still thirsty

Everyone is broken
Including me
I’m just trying to glue my shit together
Into something useful
Maybe beautiful
Avoiding the science of stuck

I look at myself and think sometimes
You sad fuck

You keep on equating your value
with the most meaningless of things
Other peoples needs

You’re like a flake of fish food
destined for the bottom of the tank

I feel every inch of you frustration
as you float out on the tide
Your melancholy overwhelms 
But there isn’t a thing I can do

Some say 
Either sink or swim
I always think 
Swim in what?

Hold my hand
as I circle the Sun
Burn with me
Let’s see what is left
When it is all done

I know what I know
I know what I don’t
What I don’t know 
Is in between
the cause and the act

“You’ve changed”

The words come out
from between dry dusty lips
intoned with disappointment

Yes, I changed
Isn’t the point of this gig?

Fuck up
Fall down
And get up

Or take a yoga class