Missy Jubilee The xFilms Project

by producer Alan Rogers in London

Your xFilm project is going to be big. I am sure of it.

You are a remarkable film maker, model, writer and artist.

I recently opined that your project is a form of cyberfeminism. Here is my reasoning.

Your project depicts sexuality from a female perspective (whilst discussing poetry, philosophy, thematic genres, art, heroes, fantasies and poetry, all over a carefully selected and wonderful soundtrack).

There is no room for stupidity or degradation of the female gender. The female form is shown so intimately that at times you have included visions of ecstasy, pain, and all between, but the visions are never exploitative or false.

This form of feminism is not extreme. It is not a chauvinistic feminism. It is subtle, and all encompassing. Of course this is seen through a male brained filter, so I have to be wary.

There is a truth in all you do that shines blindingly. This strikes me as a wonderful new wave of activism – a shout from the rooftops that it does not matter what other people think, just be whatever you want to be.

In some ways it outperforms feminism and becomes a rallying cry for all genders. A sort of Egalitarianism, but better.

Emotions, hormonal fluctuations and environmental situations are immune.

This is why I hate all my poetry, and love all of yours

Mine sounds stupid when I am not in the mindset from which I wrote it. Yours sounds like the words of a cult leader sitting in a Tibetan temple preaching to her followers.

I have no real ability to find words, but I do have an inbuilt and genetically wired desire to praise all that is worthy.

I find so little to praise, generally, but in your project I am constantly rocked and challenged.

I need to tell you that I invariably fail in my attempts to tell you how good you are. These words are inadequate. Trust me, you deserve more. This is not sappy hero worship. It is (perhaps) acknowledgement that I am still numb with the idea that I am corresponding with one of our time’s great artists.