Missy Jubilee 220 VOLITION Film release poster
Missy Jubilee 220 VOLITION

by Missy Jubilee

volition/noun – the faculty or power of using one’s will.

When I write a film out
whether weighted with truths,
or expressions of depravity,
it comes from a hollow place

This is my reference point
from which my sense of self
Is exracted and held up
for public display

“Do you feel like we’re getting old” I ask
“Only in photographs” the voice replies

I see life in pictures
They are indelible pictographs
that make forgetting
not easy for me
It takes effort

The making of these films
Is a long walk
along a path
marked by subjective intimacy

It is a best foot forward archive
of who I have been
and who I desire to be

We all run along the tracks laid
It doesn’t matter who laid them
It would be a long list,
so we call it predisposition

My predisposition is to seek
hand me down fantastical dreamscapes

Because I know I’m in love with
but that something is yet to find me

While I wait,
I’d like to declare
my confused and ambiguous fondness
for love

But if I had to write a funeral card for love
It would be a musical card that said…

you should have made better

Or listened to different