Missy Jubilee 213 CAMEL
Missy Jubilee 213 CAMEL

by Missy Jubilee

All my life,

trouble has followed me

I’ve been chasing round a memory

I’ve been getting lost

searching for my soul

I took a wrong turn at growing up

And now I pay

Teaching me the hardest lesson of my life

I’m too dumb to die

Well, I don’t wanna be an imbecile

But Jesus made me that way

All my life I’ve been running wild

like a runaway

Wherever the night takes me,

like a stowaway

All violence

is the result of people tricking themselves

into believing that their pain derives from other people

and that consequently

those people deserve to be punished

Living within the confines of threat,

is like living in an interrogation room

when you committed no crime

Where there should be lights on the ceiling

There are only ropes

If I can see the rope,

even if only in my minds eye

I know there is a shard of light at least

And my choice is to believe

that shard was put there by something

that lives within me

With righteous indignation

I look and listen to the pundits

with their flags bearing propositions

of how to commit a murderous bloodletting

with good conscience

The problem is that I empathize with both sides,

fucked as they are

The archaic notion of unity

provided by group think such as color, creed,

or some overworked belief

that there is an afterlife

provides little nutrient value

to ease my mind

I try to ignore the upsets

by choosing to view them in a long form,

a high def production exercise

that might prove useful at a later date

when I can cope with a diet of bullshit.


and the art and the consequence of practicing it

The enemy of bullshit is time,

time served processing the economics of inevitability

The pathological mind

can never release

the curtain of the junior ego

To do so would be admission

And it might even explain

an enemy without a face