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Missy Jubilee 199 SICKO

A film about the birth of a homeoerotic film company, a trip to the petrol station of life and the space inbetween fantasy and perversion

by Missy Jubilee

Why do we invent reasons to make sense of existence?

Why not watch the stars burn out and feel nothing

Like the black hole left in the pattern

seen only by those who watch the night

We live in a subdivision of a Galaxy,

within a Universe

best explained  by mathematics,

and a feast of Gods

that inevitably overindulge

A God by any name is contained within the collective mind.

An agreement by the many

that a guide is good and needed

and therefore creates meaning

Regarding intellect and hubris, Carl Jung said

I have no intention of dying

But know that I must

A companion chapter

and a part of this

is me

as high line art

Because we are all either fucked

or on the way to being so

Fucking is not a sin

Fucking is a life affirming

Life giving

A sharing thing

It is a response to a request to go on

It seems to be a good answer

to a problem that may not exist

We are simple organisms

with a drive to replicate little symbols of ourselves

before we know who

or what we are

Then we feign disappointment

when they fail to overcome our own cowardice.

There was a time I gave a fuck

I don’t now

Beauty is the science of survival

during the process of dismembering identity

It is a cruel vision

Given time to consider

in the moments of recovery,

what had I been loyal to

And why?

Was this an exorcism?


A cheap thrill?

Or something to do with an intoxication of sorts?

I don’t understand it

but I experienced it

The other side of me yearns for simplicity

because I fuck like a memory

These are sentences fleshed out with potential growth,

tied to a wild horse nobody could tame,

caused by the accuracy of my story

It is the thing I live in,

while hitting every bump on the road

in between birth & death