Missy Jubilee 208 AMAREVITAE
Missy Jubilee 208 AMAREVITAE

Film summary

Missy Jubilee’s 208th film in the Future Sex Love Art Projekt is ‘AMAREVITAE’ – a dystopian film about fetishes, fat girls and the fuzz.

Film synopsis by Missy Jubilee

Science minded folk

are still working on theories

for the law that keeps one’s feet on the ground

One of those things

that one does not think about too much

unless its absence is deeply considered.

No time for this

no time to worry

Instead I concern myself with the theory of fetishes

Octave Mannoni’s formulation of the structure of the fetish is…

The fetishist knows that an old, cherished belief is false

but nonetheless continues to believe it.

The nonetheless is not articulated

Because it is the fetish.

Fetishism, then,

is a nondeclarative narrative.

A means of sharing pain, or being heard

However, in fetishism

the desired object is displaced.

It is the desired object that is the fetish

In other words,

have you ever seen a shoe in love with a fetishist?

“If your sexual fantasies were truly of interest to others, they would no longer be fantasies.”
― Fran Lebowitz