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Missy Jubilee 197 GOOD LUCK MR GORSKY

by Missy Jubilee

‘Good luck Mr Gorsky’ is a story of ventriloquists dummies, Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon and the joys of oral sex

Dress it up in whatever ritual is appropriate

The truth is, growing up

no one bothered to find out what I thought

No one wanted to hear what I cared about

And no one cared for what I believed in

because men ruled the Hippie world

I had to ignore the nightmare in my head

It was just another ugly refugee

from the Love Generation

All I lived for

were the the moments

that allowed me to get through to the other side

with all my organs intact

It seemed to me

that these voices in my head got louder

just to kill the noise from the outside

Nowhere have I ever heard of Satan

taking the form of an avuncular hippie

No doubt he could

It just seems inefficient

But old hippies always forget

that Gaea can be one heartless bitch

Spend a little time wandering

lost in the woods

and she will attack you

and reduce you to fertilizer

In this hippie world

Gaea’s the predator

and you are the prey

And you won’t be singing kumbayas very long

if you forget that

All this reading

All this writing

All this thinking

The study of history



Pop culture



But I still make films

like a cross between

a button pushing Bonobo monkey

and a Jack Russell puppy that learned to type

Goodbye Mr Gorsky

Goodbye Charlie McCarthy