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Missy Jubilee 217 ONLYMEAT

OnlyMeat Synopsis by Missy Jubilee

OnlyMeat is a very different film for me to make.

It is a film about how the sausage of artisanal porn is made, and how OnlyFans became the Etsy of porn

It is a 360 degree look at the digital phenomenon, how it started, the shady men behind it – and where the billions it generates end up.

This film is the result of six months of exhaustive research into OnlyFans, and the porn industry in general

“OnlyMeat emerges as a groundbreaking film, diverging significantly from conventional filmmaking to explore the intricate and often shadowed world of artisanal adult content creation through platforms like OnlyFans.” – Belinda Tobin

This documentary ventures deep into the digital age’s unique appeal, presenting a detailed examination of the platform that has revolutionized the adult entertainment industry by paralleling itself with Etsy for its handmade, personal touch.

Spanning six months of meticulous research, “OnlyMeat” unravels the layers behind the creation, distribution, and consumption of content on OnlyFans.

It delves into the origins of this digital marketplace, tracing its rise from a niche platform to a mainstream powerhouse, generating billions in revenue.

The film provides an unflinching 360-degree view of the ecosystem, spotlighting not just the creators who find empowerment and financial freedom in the platform’s model but also uncovering the obscure, often manipulative figures lurking behind the scenes—those who play a pivotal role in steering the industry’s direction and profits.

Through intimate interviews, investigative journalism, and firsthand accounts, “OnlyMeat” sheds light on the multifaceted dynamics at play, from the challenges and triumphs of content creators to the ethical and legal controversies surrounding the platform.

It questions the societal implications of commodifying intimacy and probes into the ultimate destination of the vast wealth generated by this digital enterprise.

This film is not just a narrative about the adult entertainment industry; it’s a critical discourse on the intersections of technology, sexuality, and capitalism in the 21st century.