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Film synopsis by Missy Jubilee

Da Fuck Poemy

Freedom is dependent upon the ability to change squares at will
Freedom also means that others may not be able to keep up
Well fuck them for being stuck
I ain’t no tow truck
I’m a fucking film-making machine
With vaseline heroes
Gliding between what i do
And what they don’t

How many people do you know that you could say
Hand on heart
Are sane?

I lost touch with everyone who accepted me
For the desire to be accepted
By the one that did not

Wanting what one cannot have
Is the definition of an absurd intoxication

And being in the grip of them
Is like living in a cold tin of beans

What I know about myself now is
I have a an awful time of letting go
When someone makes me feel valued
Even if I knew in my gut
The bell was always cracked

If I could turn back time
And stick a hand in the ticking thing
Would I?

Is a life without
The tick and the tock
Of cognitive circuitry
Just an attempt
At making stumbling