Missy Jubilee X46 THE GRIM HUSTLE
Missy Jubilee 206 THE GRIM HUSTLE

‘THE GRIM HUSTLE’ is Missy Jubilee’s 206th film in the 250 film Future Sex Love Art Projekt. It is a film about living inside the hot crazy matrix

This film is a painting
An unborn picture
waiting to exit
a narrative

Whatever touches us
We give it voice
and meaning
We give it shape and form

Love is much the same
It is the cradle of fertilization
A deeply beneficial phenomenon
which is not easy to explain
It is perhaps
the greatest stabilizing force
for the individual and society as a whole

For sure better than the alternative

Love has a part to play
Love the verb
Love the work
Love the truth
if the ability to submit to it exists

My subconscious put up partitions
to contain the flood of lies
in the wake of self-imposed Munchausen Syndrome

But in doing so
my identity was trapped
Locked away
While others took credit

Who am I then?

I have created myself
Framing shifting concepts of perspective
through the distortions
applied by different lenses

But you have never found me
Even though I exist in plain sight

Within each person
a shadow exists
The shadow of their past
The shadow of their future
And the shadow of all the things
they could have been
And will be

That shadow
is The Grim Hustle