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Missy Jubilee 200 BEAST

A cornerstone horror film that has a chalk outline of serial killers, significations and simulacra

Why do we invent reasons to make sense of our existence?

Some things about our existence are unexplainable

This film explores the unexplainable dynamic movement of stasis, and examines those humans living with a neurological condition known as justice through payback

It explores the parallels between murder, abstract expressionism and spiritual reasoning – while questioning God about the world as he made it

From the suffocating stillness of a young woman’s one bedroom apartment, Leonard Patrick Rowland looked at life as a physical representation of sensory overload

He liked the concept of pain, and he held onto it like a lazy hobo with a stone in his shoe.

His life became a limp waltz of destruction, and a study of addiction to broken identity – all within the narrative confines of a slasher film and the construct of a personal hell

He was not interested in stopping
Or getting off the merry-go-round of mayhem
Or going home

As much as he tried to hide everything,
the way he looked at living said
“Don’t wait for death. Chase it. As if your life depended on it”

A never ending hangover while suckling on the Devils finger

This is a very different film for me to make

It came about when a studio asked me my thoughts on horror films – because they perceived a gap in the market for female directors in the mainstream horror genre.

I’ve never thought of myself as a horror director, but I have had one horror film in me for the last 7 years, and it needed a reason to be exorcised

The studio gave me the reason, and a budget

Questions remain

Who has he?

What happened?

Who am I?

BEAST is a very personal horror film, and a chilling vision of psychological terror played out with extraordinary patience and ghastly attention to detail by someone who knew what it felt like to be a victim, and a perpetrator

Missy Jubilee