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Missy Jubilee 210 LSD

‘LSD’ Script Review

Marriage is a strange institution. Moulded more by influence of the church than by the practitioner. It ties two people together in an established society. For better, or for worse.

The reason marriages fail. If I may be so bold as to offer further opinion; is that the goal of marriage is often confused. Some people think it is about sex. To some it may be, but in reality, sexual drive is a young persons domain, and marriages are meant to last a lifetime; so I don’t really think sex is a reason for marriage. Some people think it is about love. But love can be as ungraspable as the mist. It is there, sure, but what does it mean? To some it is about companionship, supposing that good friends and family mean nothing compared with someone you have legally committed to.

Missy Jubilee 208 AMAREVITAE

AMAREVITAE Script Review

I think this film will resonate with many people. Perfection is rare enough for us to treasure it when we see it. There is a line in the film ‘Nine and a half weeks’ where Michael (Rourke) says to Elizabeth (Bassinger) (who is dressed as a man with a false moustache), something like, I’ve got this girl. She has the most perfect heart shaped ass’. I am paraphrasing but you get the gist. Elizabeth snorts into her beer but we know what he means

Missy Jubilee 207 KARNAL

KARNAL Script Review

Today I learned about the death of fellow antipodean, Uncle Rolf (Harris). He died (apparently) at his home in Berkshire in the beautiful village of Bray. A long way from his birthplace of Bassendean near Perth. What surprised me though, was that I didn’t know they had let him out

Missy Jubilee X46 THE GRIM HUSTLE

The Grim Hustle Script Review

There are are huge injustices in this world. One thing we cannot do is fight them all. We have to sweat the small stuff, and hope the bigger stuff takes care of itself.

I am reading a book by self confessed leather dyke; Pat Califa called ‘Public Sex’. It was written in the era of Aids and was a humane effort to bring to light how politicians and law enforcement agencies spent far too much effort and resource trying to discredit, and if possible arrest anyone performing anything other than vanilla heterosexual sex behind closed doors as a means of stopping the disease,
when empathy, free condoms, and free needles would have gone far further and cost less.

Missy Jubilee 205 TRASH

TRASH Script Review

There are moments in everyone’s life, when we start to take stock. To re-evaluate where we have
travelled (so far) on this journey of life, and to mentally review our past.

This can happen as soon as late twenties for some people, and as late as deaths door for others.

I believe that this projekt has invoked a number of instances of Missy style navel gazing, and this film strikes me as an example.

Missy Jubilee 200 BEAST 1

Missy Has Her Revenge

Missy. If you sought to reap your revenge on the viewers of this film, you have succeeded. The tears you shed to understand trauma and its consequences have served their purpose. Their perverse wisdom has been transformed into a film that has caused me to weep.

Film release poster Missy Jubilee 193 MULLUM 99

Mullum99 Script Review

Producer Alan Rogers reviews the script for Missy Jubilee’s 193rd film ‘Mullum99 – ‘It is a measure of age that I still think of 1999 as not that long ago. It feels like yesterday. I throw myself into that plunge pool of memories. I bathe in a frenzied slideshow of thoughts’


A review of Missy Jubilee’s film ‘Maneater’

I began the latest film by Missy Jubilee well prepared. I had cleared all distractions so I would not miss a word of commentary. I was well caffeinated and ready to ride the intersecting waves of sounds, snips and script. One hour and twenty-two minutes later, instead of the notebook being filled with scribbles of insight, the page in the notebook contained the following four words…