Film release poster Missy Jubilee 190 THE BLACKEST HOLE
Film release poster Missy Jubilee 190 THE BLACKEST HOLE

A film about failed astronauts & vaginas that suck

The Blackest Hole is a story of a failed astronaut who is sucked into a black hole infested vagina after crashing his spacecraft, and then possessed by a mythical serpent ‘Vacay’ that steals his lifeforce by feasting on his sadness.

The failed astronaut teleports to a mystical land where he meets the Black Hole Queen, an unruly centipede of a person, who possesses a vacuum-like vagina that seduces men while she is unconcious.

Black Hole Queen

Black Hole Queen – known as Quetzalcoatl – as she named after a hauntingly beautiful half-bird-half-serpent god revered by the Aztecs – is a combination of exotic temptress, and serpent housing complex – built inside a giant, intricately decorated, and brightly coloured vagina with modern decor and fixtures that lend the place an airy feel that’s surprisingly fitting to its primal surroundings.

Death by Snakebite

While some pathologists assert that the co-incidental deaths of all failed astronauts as a result of death by snakebite – is just that, co-incidence – the truth of the poisoned perfume vagina inhabiting Vacay goes undetected due to the hollow human carcasses it leaves behind.

Some believe that the Vacay was an unauthorised NASA experimental resuscitation technique, originally designed to save lives – but was corrupted after being mistakenly released into the wild through the TV show ‘Girls Gone Wild’

In The Blackest Hole, the failed astronaut’s death is covered up and ruled as cardiac arrest due to domestic snakebite by NASA, but his missing internal organs and skeleton are never explained.

However, subsequent research by the film maker has shown that Quetzalcoatl, the Black Hole Queen, used failed astronauts to exorcise the Vacay from her over-stocked free range vagina farm.

The Pawning of NASA

It becomes evident that Quetzalcoatl used NASA as an unwitting pawn in her need to rid herself of the Vacay through an elaborate transference ritual that exclusively involved astronauts, and then have the Vacay cold stored in domestic refrigerators, until they were needed to possess a weakened and demoralised black-hole infected host.

This is the film that finally lifts the lid off the centuries old Vacay mystery, and exposes it for what it is – unsanctioned NASA CPR innovation gone mad. 

This is the 1950’s CIA MKUltra controversy for the 21st century – and just goes to prove that Government agencies can not be trusted with serpent security. 

Amber Heard did not fail

If you ever thought mouth to vagina resuscitation was a valid life saving technique, or that you couldn’t be sucked into a vagina whole, or that Amber Heard had failed in her defamation action against Johnny Depp – your world is about to be turned inside out.

Power is Abstract

Stare out the window,

past the raindrops accumulated on the fly screen,

and you’ll finally see the truth

Knowledge is power. 

But power is abstract

Just like space

And The Vacay

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