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Fotografika Image Missy Jubilee Crescent Head The Future Sex Love Art Projekt Image Ref 12658

Dumb Porn

Belinda Tobin writes in-depth on the effects of porn addiction. She points out the dangerous effect porn is having on society ‘It is there purely for light relief from the pressures of life, a stimulus to brighten dull days, and a bit of entertainment to satisfy our primal brains. I would agree with you if it wasn’t for the fact that porn has no longer become entertainment. It has become the source of sex education for our children’

Film Release Poster Missy Jubilee 194 DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS


‘Dirty Little Secrets’ is Missy Jubilee’s 194th film in ‘The Future Sex Love Art Projekt’. This is a story of camgirls, the porn industry and ancient aliens that have sex with ungodly women

Film release poster Missy Jubilee 193 MULLUM 99

Mullum99 Script Review

Producer Alan Rogers reviews the script for Missy Jubilee’s 193rd film ‘Mullum99 – ‘It is a measure of age that I still think of 1999 as not that long ago. It feels like yesterday. I throw myself into that plunge pool of memories. I bathe in a frenzied slideshow of thoughts’

Film release poster Missy Jubilee 179 BEAUTIPHUL

The Passion and the Beautiphul Pain

Excruciating. Luminous. These are the two words that define my reaction to the film Beautiphul by Missy Jubilee. These descriptions may seem like awkward bedfellows, but, as in all of her films, Missy makes such disparties dance until you are left in no doubt that paradox is a gift. 

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Missy Jubilee Has Her Oscar’s Speech Ready

Vimeo has decided that it wants to rid the site of erotica, based on a false complaint. They made Missy Jubilee’s 9 nine years work disappear overnight, based on a lie. No explanation. No respect. Just ‘violation of terms’ based on a provable fabrication. But some people have long memories. Some people should be afraid of Oscar acceptance speeches