Missy Jubilee 219 TOXIC 1
Missy Jubilee's 219th film TOXIC released

Missy Jubilee 219 TOXIC​

TOXIC is a film about Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and relationships that can’t be counted on

What is the space between
emptiness and imagination called?

What were you waiting for?
What were you hoping for?
Who are you really?

What do you do
to fill in the spare time
while you hang around in that vacuum?


Ok, let me tell you about me

I am a drowning thing
A bunch of limbs splashing water into my own face

I tried to swim
Before I knew how to float
Before I knew how to pray

I am guilty of reductionism
But I forgive myself
Because I was just splashing
Keeping my head up
Outsourcing the misplaced guilt.

No answer is good enough
No working theory works
No stopping or turning the clock back

I am talking to the computer
I am my own captive audience
My comments
Scratched into the screen

Pieces of me
Like carrots and a stick

I am a creator
I make my own dirty bomb pipe dream
with my own dark recipe

A last supper of my own making

I can’t get wet anymore
Too busy learning how to swim

I need more
You need less
We all need
A way to confess

This is mine