Film release poster Missy Jubilee 192 SHEMONSTERS
Film release poster Missy Jubilee 192 SHEMONSTERS

Missy Jubilee responds to Producer Alan Rogers breakdown of the SheMonster script

I have been looking at it all the wrong way. It was nice of you not to shout at me for doing so, but now the penny has dropped; I have been wrong and I admit it.

You have not been wrong. I have been insecure

It was incredibly arrogant of me and disrespectful to feedback with the first words that came into my head.

Not at all. It is what I have asked for

Frankly my first thoughts are often the meaningless rantings of a sex obsessed, mildly confused, geezer.

I need time to process your work. I need to think long and hard about what it means to me once it is processed by my soul as well as my brain. I need to watch it ​fully​. Watch it again. Write down the words I see. Listen to the dialogue you knit into the tapestry. Try and interpret your meanings (there are always more than one) and make an attempt at understanding the motivation for making the video.

Now, you have taken me around the world from disagreement to ‘hmmm, that is a good point, very well made’

He is clearly your main reference for a Hemonster. Batman keeps his tool firmly in his utility belt.

I didn’t consciously think of it that way, but now that you point it out, it is obvious that I did. If there is such a thing as Film making in Tongues, this is it

Although reversed; I believe you mean to infer that the Mentalist could understand and the Joker Couldn’t? But that is the trick. We have to make our own minds up. I like it.

Always make the audience work for understanding, if they want to. This is the Basquiat in me coming out

I am feeling quite unprepared for this review. I feel like I need to do some homework first.

This made me laugh. Homework for film watching. This film, Missy will reference obscure films blah, blah and blah. Best if you study the background, and maybe even watch them before you venture further

The subject of mask wearing is a constant in your projekt. The idea of acting a character that is not necessarily you, but maybe an exaggerated form of you. Or maybe a toned down one, because the real version of Missy was so completely out of control that she has to be censored for a wider audience? Who knows? Well you do. Obvs.

Actually, I’m not sure. But it is one of those. Maybe both

This is the bit where the criminal drops his mask. Nice bit of acting really. And the use of Moby Dick as a motif; It really is a difficult book to read. Nobody that childish could accomplish the act.

This scene is universally acknowledged as the best scene ever in the Mentalist. The acting and writing mesmerise me everytime I watch it

I really like the way in which you create lists for everything.

This made me laugh. I just realised I do. It’s almost like I have to organise my own thoughts on screen otherwise I’ll lose the plot

(but also have a biscuit tin somewhere containing all the shit we haven’t sorted yet).

I have a folder named ‘SORT’ which is all footage that I haven’t decided where I will use. I will rename it ‘My Biscuit Tin’

I have not lost the thread here. I know where this is leading. There is manipulation in the mating game from both parties.

Sherlock Holmes appears. He sniffs a clue. Will he be proven right, or fall down an un-used rabbit burrow?

Summer times see the crime figures soar.


An amazing montage here on crime and punishment. Genuinely impressed. This must have taken you ages to craft.

I had to go to the film and see what was worthy of such high praise. I forget what’s in a film as soon as I finish it. It is a particular version of Momento I am cursed with, probably linked to PTSD due to struggling with the film for weeks on end. Aaahh, yes, it took a long time to find the right pieces to create the coherent message to get me to where I wanted to be for the next section

Again. I am liking this montage. You are sending a subtle (maybe not subtle at all) message that porn is an alternative reality.

Nice interpretation. I’m not unhappy with that. I was thinking of a sheet of film that when it cracks, you can see the underworld. But I like alternative ‘deep’ unreality

I take this to mean that you believe that you have been as dishonest as a porn star within the confines of your own private sexual experiences.

Nice paraphrasing

This is where the Mentalist should suit up. Where is Simon Baker when you need him.

LOL! I think I was channeling Mr Baker here. Easier to do when you are detached and at a distance

Great imagery. I very much like these words.

I like ‘death rolled’ It makes me smile each time I read it. Crocodiles death rolling wildebeests fascinate me. It is pure savage unimaginable strength

I like the way you have gone into comedic subtext here. It is great that you see the funny side.

Watching women play this game is hilarious. It’s like watching an exposed watch mechanism tick. No surprises, just the intricacy of moving parts

Tit traps? Wonderful.

LOL! Quite proud of that one

Brilliant stuff Missy. This is classic Love Sex ART stuff.

LOL1. Balls as SheKill makes me laugh. I like when what I write makes me laugh

And I am sure you are not talking about oral sex.

Of course not. I would never be so base

You like growly male voices don’t you? Rhetorical question. Of course you do. What is this poem.

I do. I hadn’t noticed that. Perhaps I see growly male voices as the motif for the epitome of masculinity, a foil for extreme femininity

Why am I reminded of Harley – Quinn again?

I didn’t know that Harley Quinn backstory. It appeals to me on your explanation. Might be why I use so many cuts from Harley from Suicide Squad unknowingly. That kind of humour comes from a dark place

I love the fact that you consider loss of dignity a greater shame here.

LOL!. I hadn’t realised that. That is truly ironic. I’d rather be dead than lose my dignity. Flawed thinking in action. Maslow’s pyramid upside down

I am quite struck by your creation of this monster. You have breathed life into it.

I like that. Breathing life into a character to me means making it three dimensional and relatable

That sounds like a quote. LMGTFY; ah. Mr Robot. Of course.

Mr Robot inspires me. That show took some many narrative leaps

Definition of subtext going on here, which in a weird way adds to confusion.

Sub-text inside of sub-text. Like the mirror of infinity in Inception

This whole script is wonderfully considered. The creation of the Shemonster, intentionally bastardised from Sea Monster (perhaps a direct nod to the ocean, where so much of your footage was taken).

Totally did not see the SeaMonster SheMonster linkage. But now, it is so obvious. Sometimes I write 50 Shirts of Gray, and you see a Rainbow hidden in the wardrobe

I hear this spoken in Sir David Attenborogh’s voice.

LOL!! Adding seriousness to the unserious

You and me baby, we ain’t nothing but mammals…

Let’s do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel

The result is erotic, but not overtly pornographic. I see what you are doing here.

This is porn Missy style. An expected series of movements that is visually interesting. I need to grab some porn and do a whole film like that and see if I can make it work as a piece of fuckable art. That’s an idea for the Biscuit Tin

This. This is your manifesto; and you practice it. We can all witness that miracle.

I like that. My manifesto. And you can’t hide your manifesto if you leave it on the table

That is so beautiful it could be a tagline for your projekt.

That whole piece was a nod to Patreon and the recent going on’s

I really enjoyed this film. Yes it has meaning, but it is also so much more. This is classic Missy. This is an outstanding piece of video art. It gets my vote. If I had one.

Thank you Alan. I got a lot of insight from your commentary. I like your new approach of reflective commentary. Perhaps my narratives need time to fester. You made it seem much more cohesive and comprehensible than I thought it was when I kicked it out of the door