Missy Jubilee 203 EYE WIDE OPEN 1

I’d rather be a man. Or more accurately, I’d rather not be a woman

Because biology does matter

This is a tragedy

Sex can be empowering when you’re coming from a position of healthy self-esteem.

If you’re coming from a place of trauma or insecurity, casual sex won’t heal that.

In fact, it might set you back and undermine any progress regarding your feelings of self-worth.

If you know your value, you’re less likely to sleep with someone who doesn’t value you.

Sexual empowerment has nothing to do with how many people you do or don’t sleep with—it has to do with how comfortable you are in your skin—no matter your decision. You can still be sex-positive and accept that for you, sex can’t be liberated from intimacy and a meaningful relationship.

I regret being a slut. I regret it because I regret that those men can say they slept with me.

The mirror caught my face
All the sinning
My mind wouldn’t let it go
Written in hues
Blacks and
Think I might need a new pair of shoes
Take me back
Take me back
To the beginning