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Film number 193 is the story of learning to be a dishonest victim during a naked car ride

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Human behavior is the same for all ages,

since it is a brain function

There is nothing new under the sun

in terms of human behavior

Values remain the same

regardless of outward appearance

In this case, the values are lust

and self preservation

Or whatever reasoning

is suited to the feeling

There are differences of intensity

depending on the intensity of the ‘feelings’ component

in the Value formula

It is this Value-system

that drives a person’s behavior

at any instant in time

Killing a person

in an ancient society

with bare hands

is driven by the same values

as if it is committed today

with a hatchet

Thus, vision must be interpreted and explained

in the light of this common observation

This film is a tale

of magical transformation downwards

A mosaic of moments

examining the profundity of grief

All the lies are too true

So true

that they can’t be cleaned

Getting what you think you need

will always strip a soul

to the bone