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Missy Jubilee 212 VAKUUM

A film about leaving mendacity, aphorisms and Las Vegas

It is said that bad choices make good stories

If I’m in a competition with myself, do I come first or last?
If life is unfair to everyone, does that mean life is actually fair?

The plasticity of my brain
moved my reality into a new dimension
where the interpretation of truth
relies upon the sense of smell

Here’s to the alcohol
that made it all bearable

A promise so sweet
I listened
with open shell-like ear

Alcoholics who experience anything like lifelong fidelity
are, statistically speaking, almost meaningless
because alcoholism thrives on secrecy

What feelings do you suppose a person has
when she realizes that she will never know happiness

I have betrayed myself with belief
I have deluded myself with love
I have tricked myself with sex.

But the bottle is damned faithful
The bottle will not lie

A person who drinks too much on occasion
is still the same person when sober

But an alcoholic, a real alcoholic
is not the same person at all

They are someone you’ve never met before

The problem with stopping drinking
is that every other aspect of my life felt the same

If not worse

This drink is for you John O’Brien

You wrote about it,
then you did it

If nothing else, it shows commitment to a concept