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Missy Jubilee 210 LSD

‘LSD’ Script Review

Marriage is a strange institution. Moulded more by influence of the church than by the practitioner. It ties two people together in an established society. For better, or for worse.

The reason marriages fail. If I may be so bold as to offer further opinion; is that the goal of marriage is often confused. Some people think it is about sex. To some it may be, but in reality, sexual drive is a young persons domain, and marriages are meant to last a lifetime; so I don’t really think sex is a reason for marriage. Some people think it is about love. But love can be as ungraspable as the mist. It is there, sure, but what does it mean? To some it is about companionship, supposing that good friends and family mean nothing compared with someone you have legally committed to.

Missy Jubilee 205 TRASH

TRASH Script Review

There are moments in everyone’s life, when we start to take stock. To re-evaluate where we have
travelled (so far) on this journey of life, and to mentally review our past.

This can happen as soon as late twenties for some people, and as late as deaths door for others.

I believe that this projekt has invoked a number of instances of Missy style navel gazing, and this film strikes me as an example.

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All Pornographers Are Puritans

Belinda Tobin writes “All pornographers are puritans”, says Erica Jong in the Fear of Flying. Before this sentence, I was in awe of Erica Jong’s chutzpah. Through Erica’s character Isadora Zelda, and Isadora’s search for the zipless fuck, she was effortlessly upending pews in the synagogues that denied women’s sexuality’