Missy Jubilee 215 OBSCENE EXPOSURE
Missy Jubilee 215 OBSCENE EXPOSURE

by Missy Jubilee

‘OBSCENE EXPOSURE’ is Missy Jubilee’s 215th film in the 250 film Future Sex Love Art Projekt. It is a film about what you can do in a moving vehicle

Life is more than great sex in a nice car

Well, yeah.

But for me, not a lot more

People are strange

Especially when armed with delusion

I don’t have sex drive

I have sex ‘just sit in the car and hope someone does something’

I find it very difficult to draw a line between what’s sex

and what isn’t

when obscene exposure is the motif

Something was trying to get out of me

It was either bad trying to get out

Or bad trying to show me

I am what I am

An unfigured

disfigured thing was alive inside me

It haunted me

Like a bombmaker

feeling emotional pain

My foot’s stuck in the seatbelt

Can I get some assistance please?