Missy Jubilee 210 LSD
Missy Jubilee 210 LSD

Film No. 210 LSD Synopsis by Missy Jubilee

What do they do

Those that cannot type

What would they write

To sleep at night

What do they carry into their dreams

Day and night.

The weight I feel at my elbows

is a fair price for this freedom

I call it freedom

To another it may be discontent

Some supposed otherworldly cunt saw fit

In their creation scheme


Scheme in my attic

I really don’t know who to believe

And that includes myself

Perhaps that is the theme of this film

Examination of a self

Or an introduction to thinking

So elemental

Something along those lines

Always in interview


Meeting something

Leaving something

Looking for relevance


That is how I feel


But not free

of expectations


Don’t always end up in a vase

People and parrots

Like to repeat

This is

Love and all its forms

Never made sense to me

Got me


That wishes

Came true

Until you meet yourself

Coming out the other side

Between the lines

Anybody that didnt know


Might think I didnt

Know better