Missy Jubilee 202 SEXXXTORTION
Missy Jubilee 202 SEXXXTORTION

A film about CEO’s stepping on rakes like Sideshow Bob

Hey, I can be the answer
I’m ready to dance
And when I hit that dip get your camera

I’m the bitch who will compete
and sit in that lunch if you’re treatin’

Now you wanna lick my plum in the evenin’
And fit that ton-tongue d-deep in
I guess that cunt getting eaten

Nigga, you know what’s up or don’t you?
Word to who made ya
I’m a rude bitch, nigga, what are you made up of?
I’ma eat your food up boo, I will bust your eight
I’m-a do one too, fuck ya gon do?

You made the bucks
Bet you do want to fuck too
Caught the warm goo in your du-rag too son?

What the fuck are you into, huh?
You could get shot, homie
If you want to put your guns up

I’m a hoodlum, nigga

You know you were too once

Bitch, I’m ’bout to blow up
I’m the one today, I’m the new shit boo
You just a bitch

What you gon’ do when I appear?
W-w-when I premiere?
With an Oscar in my hand
This shit be mine, mine
This shit be mine, mine
This shit be mine, mine

I’m gonna ruin you cunt