Missy Jubilee 216 GNARNIA
Missy Jubilee 216 GNARNIA

by Missy Jubilee

The Chronicles of Gnarnia is a film about the psychology, thought processes and cost of sex addiction

Can’t keep my hands to myself 

Think I’ll dust ’em off, 

put ’em back up on the shelf 

Am I coming out of left field? 

No, I’m a rebel just for the kicks

and I’ve been feeling it since 1991

Might be over now, 

might’ve had my fill

but I feel it still in my bones

I fought a war,

for peace of mind

I gave into  that easy feeling

while waiting 

for the walls to come down

And they did

Is it coming? 

Is it coming?

Is it coming? 

Is it coming? 

Is it coming? 

Is it coming back?