Missy Jubilee 207 KARNAL
Missy Jubilee 207 KARNAL

A film about the Mullumbimby Ascensionism Sex Cult

The Cult of the Vagina

After twelve years of being forced to worship a manifesto I never believed in, sacrificing for a prophet with a God complex and living life in a religious ghetto, I was drowning.

They controlled my every thought and movement

It didn’t matter how much I loved and didn’t want to disappoint my parents, if I didn’t come up for a breath soon, I wouldn’t survive.

But how could I tell the people I loved that I was rejecting their world, and everything they believed in, forever?

That I was prepared to never see them again because I didn’t have their beliefs

That I was willing to go to Hell to escape them

All memories seemed appropriate

I am typing and hoping

To shake whatever is on the loose

Up in the mind tree

Of thinks

Everything spins on its axis

Including me at times

Spinning in time

I close my eyes

I am 12, 2, 4, 6, 8, 3, 5,7, 9, 13, 16, 18

A chronological story

Reeled in by memory

All memories seemed appropriate at the time of their conception

A little bit of escape

from the rope that hangs us all




The Secret Backdoor in Kanye Quest 3030

In 2015, a ‘Pastebin’ article revealed that if the player typed in the word ‘Ascend’ into a dialogue box with a NPC, the player would be taken to a secret section of the game.

In this secret section, the game would claim that the rest of the game’s contents was a front for the area, and that the area was designed to “help teach you something beneficial”.

The section is full of terminals, and the player must enter a specific code into each one in order to complete the area.

If the player goes backwards, they will enter a room with a QR code which has to be screen captured at multiple points in order to form the whole code.

The website linked to the QR code had nothing but the name “Phoenix Gregory” placed on the screen in a comic sans font.

After inputting all of the needed codes, the player would be teleported to a final terminal that would congratulate them on their ascension, and then prompt for another code.

Upon entering the correct code and agreeing to participate further, the player would then be asked for their private information.