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‘FEELOSOPHY’ is Missy Jubilee’s 218th film in the 250 film Future Sex Love Art Projekt. It is a film about the weirdness of intimacy


Recent film festival awards

Missy Jubilee 20220409 V 365 Gemini Films Ukraine ID 20220409
Missy Jubilee 20210207 V 385 Gemini Films Ukraine ID 20
Missy Jubilee 20130920 V 370 Gemini Films Ukraine ID 04
Missy Jubilee 20130920 V 378 Gemini Films Ukraine ID 12
Missy Jubilee 20130920 V 376 Gemini Films Ukraine ID 10
Missy Jubilee 20130920 V 379 Gemini Films Ukraine ID 14

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Missy Jubilee 20130920 V 368 Gemini Films Ukraine ID 02
Missy Jubilee 20130920 V 377 Gemini Films Ukraine ID 11
Missy Jubilee 20130920 V 371 Gemini Films Ukraine ID 05
Missy Jubilee 20210207 V 384 Gemini Films Ukraine ID 19
Missy Jubilee 20210207 V 382 Gemini Films Ukraine ID 17
Missy Jubilee 20130920 V 375 Gemini Films Ukraine ID 09

Why I am fighting the porn industry

Hero Image Missy Jubilee Crescent Head The Future Sex Love Art Projekt Image Ref 2000 pixels 18 1

For the first time in history, we are educating the youth of the world about sex with the hardest of hardcore porn.

As a society, we have abdicated the moral responsibility of educating young men about women, how they feel and how they think.

This is going to have a terrible affect on the DNA of the human race.

I made a film called ‘PopPorn’ about this subject.

To date it has won 21 medals at international film festivals.

It’s worth a watch if you are at all concerned that porn is destroying healthy sexuality.