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Missy Jubilee Wins 'Best Web Series' at Washington Film Awards

Missy Jubilee Wins ‘Best Web Series’ at Washington Film Awards

Washington Film Awards is a unique major US film competition.

It attracts both powerhouse companies as well as talented new filmmakers. It is an unparalleled, truly international awards competition – which allows filmmakers from around the world to enter their films in this prestigious major US competition.

The main goal of the Washington Film Awards is to showcase brilliant projects in the beautiful city of Washington for a diverse audience of cinephiles.

It is a world-class event committed to present the best of this beautiful art called ‘Cinema’ and dedicated to all generations of filmmakers. Through private screenings, a team of professional screeners evaluate all the submitted short films. All the highest scored films are selected for the official competition and are reviewed by the panel of pre-eminent film industry judges.