Missy Jubilee 200 BEAST 1
Missy Jubilee 200 BEAST

Missy Jubilee’s 200th film was been awarded Official Selection of the Horror Movie Awards in Los Angeles.

In presenting the award, the judging panel issued the following press release

“Beast” presents an ambitious webseries that aims to redefine the erotic horror genre and challenge conventional storytelling. With a blend of horror and erotica, it captivates audiences and explores the space between reality and nightmares. Missy Jubilee’s experience as a filmmaker provides an opportunity to deliver a visually striking and thematically rich series. By maintaining a clear artistic vision, developing compelling characters, and exploring the boundaries of the genre with sensitivity, “Beast” engages viewers and offer a unique and thought-provoking viewing experience.

Since being released three months ago, Beast has collected the following awards:

International Film & Script Festival

Best Web Series

Tokyo Film Awards

Best Horror Film

International Gold Awards

Best Web Series

Santa Monica International Filmmaker Awards


Santa Fe Independent Film Festival


New Orleans International Film Awards

Best Horror Short

Santa Cruz Independent Film Fest

Best Thriller

Melbourne Independent Film Festival

Best Female Film-maker

Dallas Movie Awards Festival

Best Horror/Mystery

L.A. Sci-Fi & Horror Festival

Best Low Budget Movie

San Jose Independent Film Festival

Best Horror Film

New Creators Film Awards

Official Selection

Italy International Film Awards

Official Selection

Europe International Film Festival

Official Selection