Missy Jubilee on the red carpet in New York
Missy Jubilee wins Best New Media at IndieX Film Festival

Missy Jubilee and The Future Sex Love Art Projekt have won Best Web & New Media at IndieX Film Festival in Los Angeles

The IndieX Film Fest is an international short film festival based in Los Angeles, celebrated for its diversity in showcasing short films across various genres. This festival, which emphasizes creativity and innovation in filmmaking, welcomes submissions from around the globe, allowing filmmakers to present their unique visions and stories.

Each year, IndieX Film Fest hosts a series of events including screenings, award ceremonies, and Q&A sessions, providing filmmakers not only a platform to exhibit their work but also opportunities for networking and professional development.

Films entered into the festival compete across multiple categories with options for various entries including drama, comedy, documentary, and more.

The festival prides itself on its inclusive atmosphere and extensive engagement with participants, offering a nurturing environment that fosters growth and exposure for new and seasoned filmmakers alike.

It’s a prominent event that garners attention not only for its awards but also for its role in advancing the careers of its participants, making it a significant stepping stone in the world of independent cinema.

Missy Jubilee The Future Sex Love Art Projekt Best Web New Media IndieX Film Festival Los Angeles 2024
Missy Jubilee wins Best New Media at IndieX Film Festival