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Missy Jubilee’s 166th film in the Future Sex Love Art Projekt ‘Cuties’ was awarded official selection at the Paris Film Awards last week.

‘Cuties’ is a mockumentary based on the 2020 french film ‘Mignonnes’ directed by Maïmouna Doucouré. This film stirred global controversy due to its portrayal of young girls dancing provocatively.

The Grand Jury’s final festival statement honoured Missy Jubilee’s 11 years of erotic film making:

In the vast panorama of contemporary cinema, few filmmakers shine as luminously as Missy Jubilee. Her cinematic creations are nothing short of masterpieces, breathing fresh life into the art of film with every release.

Missy Jubilee’s adeptness in weaving narratives is unparalleled. She takes the viewer on a sensory journey, with her films often acting as evocative tapestries of emotion, thought, and stunning visual prowess. The intricacies of her character development, combined with her unique perspective on the world, create an immersive experience that resonates deeply with audiences worldwide.

Her visual style is both distinctive and versatile. Whether she’s exploring the depths of human connection or the broader strokes of societal commentary, there’s always a poetic elegance to her imagery. Her films are not just watched—they are felt. They linger in the mind, sparking introspection and conversation.

Moreover, Missy Jubilee’s commitment to originality is commendable. In an era where repetitiveness often finds its way into cinema, her films stand as beacons of innovation. They challenge conventions, provoke thought, and, most importantly, remind us of the limitless potential of cinematic storytelling.

The films of Missy Jubilee are a testament to what cinema can achieve when guided by a vision that’s both daring and heartfelt. For anyone seeking an unforgettable cinematic journey, her body of work is not to be missed

Paris Film Awards Grand Jury statement

The Paris Film Awards is an esteemed film festival dedicated to recognizing the efforts and talents of both established and emerging filmmakers from around the globe.

It is an international event that seeks to spotlight exceptional films and filmmakers. This festival aims to provide a platform for diverse voices and unique perspectives within the cinema world. It is also an IMDB qualifier festival, along with festivals in London, Rome, New York and Los Angeles.

The Paris Film Awards is one of many major film festivals that take place around the world, but its location in one of the world’s most celebrated cultural hubs gives it a unique charm and prestige.

The festival considers a wide variety of genres and formats for selection. This includes feature films, short films, documentaries, animations, and more. Filmmakers from every corner of the globe submit their works, making the competition both challenging and rewarding.

The films are reviewed and judged by a panel of experienced industry professionals. They look for innovative storytelling, strong performances, high-quality production values, and other elements that make a film stand out.

The Grand Jury for the 2023 Paris Film Awards was:







As well as being the Paris Film Awards official selection, Missy Jubilee’s ‘CUTIES’ has picked up many other major festival awards, including:

Official selection / Hollywood Independent Film Festival / Los Angeles

Semi-finalist / St Louis Film Awards / St Louis USA

Official selection / Independent City Film Festival / Barcelona

Best web film / Independent Film Awards / Leeds UK

Official selection / New York Movie Awards / New York