The Mission of ‘The Future Sex Love Art Projekt’

In the art world, it has got to a situation where simple nudity is defined as ‘pornography’ by corporations, especially people who control the money flow – like Patreon, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Stripe and Square
And yet, when you go to see the statue of David in Rome, you can pay by Visa or Mastercard. 
Does nudity have to be 500 years old to be respected as art?
Since when is the naked body – and the thing we all have under the clothes we hide behind – become evil
In the last two months, my 9 years of work and 191 films have been banned by Patreon, Vimeo, Visa, Stripe and Paypal
On a day to day basis, I have to work on ways around their want, or need, to banish my work.
By classifying a film makers work as ‘pornography’ – when it clearly is not by the definition of the Supreme Court rulings – and therefore shutting of my access to supporter funding, they have effectively become the biggest protectors of the porn industry business model – eg shut down any alternative or competitor to their product.
The irony is that a film maker who is actively fighting the influence of the porn industry on the youth of the world, and attempting to promote a healthy discussion about sexuality, while promoting a strong female role model, is being treated as a member of the porn industry – is lost of these companies  
Never before, as a society, have we abdicated the moral responsibility to educate our youth with positive realistic thinking, feeling, vulnerable, self concious sexual role models – who are trying to work it out. Sometimes succeeding. Most times failing. But in the end, just seeking love, acceptance and understanding
When the only sex education that is provided is the hardest of hardcore porn, the DNA of the human race is altered in a very negative way – and that will result in women being defined as unthinking disposable sex objects. 
This is not radical feminism
Because my concern is also for men – to help them understand women on a deeper level
Surely we should be thinking about the effect that sex education through pornography will have on positive relationships and sex crimes, but it seems we are oblivious to the effect of DNA re-engineering will have on the sexual relationships and successful male/female interactions of future generations
I’m not being an anti-porn wowser. 
If you (not you personally, I mean ‘you’ as in all people) want to watch porn, more power to you. Go crazy.
I’m just taking a position, and backing it up with films – that the examination of the thought process of sexuality has value to our society – and that the discussion of sex shouldn’t be allowed to be defined by the narrow, unrealistic role playing that the porn industry defines as ‘normal’ – when in fact it is completely discordant with reality
Film festivals get what I’m trying to do, and they have been great supporters of my work. 
But it seems, that for the first time in history, the money men are defining what art is, and what the boundaries of art are.
Money men only care about money. 
But the progress and evolution of a society is defined by the art it produces.
The influence of money men as the gatekeepers of art is pushing us into an artistic dark age, where repression and censorship of anything sexually progressive or positive is the norm.
If the leaders of the porn industry had got together in the 1970’s and asked ‘how do we take over society and embed porn into the fabric of human DNA’ – they would be very pleased with the success, and completeness, of their strategy 
All revolutions start with one person with an idea. 
And someone else who believes in that idea