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Fotografika Image Missy Jubilee Crescent Head The Future Sex Love Art Projekt Beach scene

Message received from a loyal supporter

We miss you on Vimeo sweetheart!

Name withheld to protect the person from reprisals by Vimeo

Karma is a bitch. To bitches

It is not what I wanted my friend.

But Vimeo has decided that it wants to rid the site of erotica, based on a false complaint

They made 9 nine years work – 190 films that had been viewed over 32 million times on Vimeo alone – disappear overnight.

Based on a lie.

No explanation. No respect.

Just ‘violation of terms’ based on a provable fabrication.

But for 9 nine years Missy wasn’t in violation. Now she was.

No loyalty.

No weighing of the facts.

No analysis of the agendas.

Just make a person’s life work non-compliant, because it is easier than investigating the truth.

But why did one person want all her work to disappear?

Why did one person go to such lengths of subterfuge?

What was the threat that her films posed to them?

You Can Hide. But You Can’t Escape Revelation

Gemini Films have said they know who was behind the decision, and why.

They have the documentation.

They’re not bitter.

But they also don’t intend to forget.

Maybe one day on the Oscar stage, Gemini Films President Matt Perry can say ‘Vimeo, you don’t support art, or artists. Because true artists do difficult work that requires understanding and maturity of thought. You support liars with agendas. People who are threatened by change. And commitment. So stop saying you’re for art and artists. You’re for the art and artists you approve of. Artists doing safe work that confronts no-one. And I don’t remember God nominating you as the boss of art. You’re grubby, and this award is not for you – it is in spite of you. But all our love to the Vimeo members who supported Missy for so long. Love to you, because you are special. And most of all, Gemini Films sends its love to former Vimeo Head of Community Darnell Witt.

Darnell Witt is a Great Man

In 2014, the Vimeo algorithm banned Missy’s films

But Darnell Witt, as Head of Community, who oversaw all the content on Vimeo, stepped in and reversed the decision, because he believed that what Missy was doing was true art, with messages that were important for the world to hear.

Darnell Witt. You are a good man who supported an artist when you didn’t have to

You supported an artist when it would have been easier to cut them loose.

You took a risk, when you didn’t have too

We know that Missy has never forgotten your bravery, your authenticity – and your objectivity.

We actually have your e-mail framed in offices here in Kyiv.

For you, it was just one decision you made on that day.

For Missy, your words are are important than all the awards she has ever received.

One Decision. Unforgotten

Although Missy doesn’t do public appearances, she has told us that should we ever be in a position to accept an Academy Award on her behalf, she has said that she wants us to dedicate the award to you – because you represent what art and artists sadly lack these days.


Art is meant to unsettle the comfortable, and comfort the unsettled

Otherwise it’s just wallpaper for the masses