How I Loved, And Lost...Once Upon A Time

How many times 
Have I walked away from love
I can't count
The times

I don't remember
What I didn't have 
Inside of me

I have only been in love
Once before now
I fucked it up
Threw it away

And it hurt

There were
Curtains of rain
An empty pain
Tear stained pages
Throughout the ages
Lasting two years

A heart is going to grieve
It was hard to breathe

When you let go you can fall
Fear of falling 
Is the cushion we hold onto 
Because we believe 
That breaking is bad and painful

But I had to go through 
To now have 

But long story short
I do not want my life to be an oral parable
Perhaps I'll write ditty's about flowers instead
Or maybe not


Oral parables are poetry for those with failing eyesight

Hey did you hear the one dee da