A Summer Sunday Afternoon. Australian Style

Australia has an average of 3 people per square kilometre, making it one of the lowest population density countries in the world

Sunday afternoons in Australia are pretty relaxed if you live by the sea. This is our version

We go to our spot at 7pm - which is known to cinematographers as 'God's Light Hour'. God is a very good lighting director

This is the spot we go to - about 5 metres from the ocean

This is the view from the spot we go to

The whole family comes along

People doing stuff while we watch

Bob Marley also comes with us on picnics

Fish is an important ingredient of this weekly event

Chips are also a very important ingredient

But Max eats hamburgers. He doesn't eat anything that comes from the sea. He believes that if you eat things from the sea, things will eat you when you go surfing. Whatever Max

Our puppy dog only has eyes for us

Actually, she only has eyes for human food

Mmmmm, human food. Our puppy dog is the Homer Simpson of canines

And then there is dessert. Always leave room for dessert. It's an Australian tradition

8pm Sunday. Looking out to sea at the end of the week.

Even the clouds are lazy on Sunday afternoons in Australia, or is that because we had too much dessert?