My first nightmare of 2015

I have lots of nightmares. This was the first of 2015

Incunabula [noun] the earliest stages or first traces of anything

We're driving in an old green VW Kombi

My family had a VW Kombi when I was young

Max is in the back, behind the driver

I don't know who the driver is. He is just a dark shape

I was in the passenger seat

It's getting dark

A storm is rolling in

I feels like a really bad ominous storm

The wind is blowing
I don't like it when wind blows at night
It scares me
It feels evil

We are driving through 
A smoldering post-conflict, post-holocaust landscape
There are no lights in the tall grimy bombed out city buildings 
Which are dotting the lush green countryside 
That I grew up in

Everything is so familiar 
And yet so strange

For some reason
We need to get to the driver's wife
Who is selling her piano

Low clouds hover close & lightning is all about

I have a terrible sense of fear & foreboding

And written in scrawled graffiti


The accusing words....

So many children

So many children

So many children

And then my eyes open...

I am sweating


Memory. Fear. Reason

I don't bark at the moon 
And I know which way the clock runs
But can nightmares be
Predictive engines of past events?

Who was the driver?

The intent of the dream is dubious

I sense 
There is still a procession 
Of bumps in the road to ride over 
Before I gain understanding

Lucky, lucky me

If experiences like these help me write
Messages in bottles 
Then so be it

'You learned to run from what you feel, and that's why you have nightmares. To deny is to invite madness'   -Megan Chance, The Spiritualist

Enough reflection in this direction