Facebook. This is not my first rodeo

Two weeks ago I got banned permanently from Facebook


This is not my first rodeo

I have now been banned three times by Facebook

Art of War 101 - it's all about the counter attack

Do you know that if you follow Mark Zuckerberg's profile on Facebook, you can't block him?. True story. Try it.

It says system is overloaded, and just times out - every single time.

I'm all about research.

If you go to his page, it also gives you an edit option.

It gave me two options:

  1. is he a businessperson? I changed that to no
  2. and is he a pet?. I have no idea why. I don't program Facebook. But I did change that to yes - he is a pet

I'm surprised that Facebook let's me fuck with his page that much. I wonder if I have mistakenly entered a parallel universe through Facebook

I did report his profile for being annoying. So there's that

It was fun. I killed 20 minutes

My new Facebook address is here

I can zig & zag quicker than you can ban me Marky Mark.

But I like that you care so much