I lived fast. But practised dying very very slowly on trains

I see me today

I look tired

I don't rest
I just change activities

My face is a fridge door photograph
Taken in low light

I can see the shadow of the child
Running across town 
Taking the train
To nowhere


Always looking out of the window
At nothing 
As we passed by the monochrome towns 
Rough people with sharp angles
None of them right

Sometimes I would get so far
Into my head
That nothing else

Evanesce (verb) to disappear gradually; vanish; fade away

I remember this nice train line
I once rode on

A train line you could tell your friends about
A respectable train line
Like a nice girl next door
It was a train line with good manners 
And a few freckles

That train line made me envy the worlds romantic outlook

Have you ever got on a train 
And gone to wherever it’s going?

I did that one time
But I knew where it was going

I don’t like surprises

I got on a bus once
And it was a really interesting trip
It went into the country
And then finished back at the depot

But the depot was very dark and lonely

I had to catch a taxi home

Even the nicest days have their limits