Yay. Finally.

I finally figured out a way to get the videos up on this site without the threat of getting them taken down every five minutes by the narky, 'we make up the rules as we go along' video hosting platforms. Not naming any names, but you know who you are.

So they are all up under the 'naked' tab - where all good things should always be located.

They can be downloaded, or embedded or shared - or anything else your deviant mind wants to do with them (I'm pretty sure they're not waterproof below 50 metres though). Soooo go crazy.

All this technical nerdy stuff has kept me busy for the last 3 weeks, delayed the release of the Cream'D long form feature and may have given me permanent brain damage or a touch more psychosis. I really don't think being an IT chick is my thing. Where is the joy in fixing problems all day?

But now I can get back to Cream'D, and should be able to have it out in a week or so.

p.s. If you encounter any problems with video playback on the site, let me know and I'll try to fix them straight away (or that stressed out angry IT chick will).

Kisses for all the support. I really appreciate it. Thank you. Sincerely