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Transcript kindly provided by Bernie Glynn


I liked the attention

What girl wouldn’t

Cover the children’s eyes. Suntan cream is about to be a splashing

Slut (noun) : a woman who likes sex as much as a man

Always cream’d

A true slut story

Born a girl with a man’s brain

And a woman’s body

Missy jubilee

As herself

For those of you who watched my video ‘1st orgasm’…..

You know about the naked man with no face

One chance meeting

Has corrupted the core of my being

Making me the slut i am today

Not that i’m complaining…

Cause that’s how i roll

I have to tell you……

I have developed what psychologists might call…

An unhealthy obsession with suntan cream

Quite an indecent obsession

It’s pretty weird

Even by my standards

And you know what they are

It’s not the suntan cream itself

But what it allows you to do

This film deals with how that obsession started…

15 years ago

I noticed boys


When i rubbed it on my


When i was topless

I liked the attention

What girl wouldn’t?

Each time after the first

I would do it longer

I would do it slower

And i would watch their reactions more

And then i started sunbathing naked

Oh boy

What a ruckus that caused

Not like a riot…

More like brains exploding

As they watched me

Rub the cream

Between my legs

Sometimes that could take

Up to 15 minutes

This girl likes to be thorough

When it comes to being sun safe

I love how it makes my skin look after swimming

Especially when i walk out of the water naked

*** it makes (it/me?) Feel all shiny and slinky and sexy

Everybody watching seems to appreciate it too

But that was never going to be enough for a girl like me

You’ve heard the story about icarus flying too close to the sun?

That’s me and getting attention

Except i fly straight into the sun

I always say if you’re going to do something…

Do it to excess

More is always better isn’t it?

Sure it is

So i started approaching the boys that were watching me

And asked them to rub the suntan cream on my back


My arms aren’t that long

I need help

Sunburn is not something to be taken lightly

I would choose what group of boys i would approach

Based on how animated they were

The most excited group won……. Me.

I would walk straight up to them with nothing but suntan cream and a smile

I would stand right in front of them about a metre away

Close enough to touch

I would look them all in the eye

And all i would see in their faces was…



It makes me feel good to make people happy

Sometimes one would volunteer

Sometimes two

Sometimes everyone would volunteer

That was always fun

Lots of eager hands over my back & bottom

It’s nice that people are so helpful when a girl is all by herself

I would stand around and talk to then for a bit

They would always be quite friendly

Everyone would always be up for a chat

And then i would ask if i could lay with them







I just seem to have a knack for meeting friendly people

I would walk back and get my towel

Making sure they got a good opportunity to check out my ass as i walked away

I’m very thoughtful like that

I would make sure i lay right in the middle of everyone

So everyone could get a good look

I’m an equal opportunity slut

But everytime, something strange would always happen after 20 minutes

Everyone would be arranged in a perfect circle around me, with me in the middle

Which was fine, since i was lying on my front

Everytime someone seated at me feet spoke to me

I would twist around to talk to them

I think it’s rude not to be looking at people when you speak to them

So it was easier for everyone if i lay on my back propped up on my elbows

Much better

I could see everyone and everyone could see me

But i had to be careful

Because lying around naked in front of 10 boys for two hours

Will make a girl very horny. Very horny. And it did.

So much so, that i was conscious of the wetness i could feel

Between my legs

But i don’t think they noticed. Much ……

Maybe just a little

And this was the day that determined my whole slutty future

Because this was the first time

I understood what excited me

And it was this….

The fascination on their faces when they looked at me

And that fascination would drive me

To push the boundaries of my research into my exhibitionism

Beyond the limits of what was socially acceptable

Because i had no limits

None at all

My advice to you?

If you are going to the beach, protect yourself

From me

A message from the skin cancer council of australia

Be sunsafe this summer

Slip. Slap. Slut.

Missy jubilee

The creative crumpet

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Remixed by missy jubilee

The smacking around the pad number 12 bitch remix

Producer/editor/slut missy jubilee

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Most creative e-mails received this week

“dam grrrl, i wanna git freakyy wit-chu!”

“in my next life, i want to be a rock on your beach”

“keep the spank bank train a-cumming”

Weirdest e-mail received this week

“let me fuk you and i’ll cum so hard it will shoot out your nose”

The future love sex art projekt

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This is some dope handheld camera work homeboy

Respect your mad skillz


Yeah baby

Sex as form vs function