1st Orgasm

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Transcript kindly provided by Bernie Gylnn

“If your so hot to trot, what the fuck is a dumb slut bimbo like you doing online. Sluts like you don’t have any self esteem. You turn men into damaged goods” e-mail received from a 25 year old female from QLD 13th March 2013

“What you do is pure art” e-mail from a 54 year old male from Germany 14th March 2013

“Let other people decide if they love or hate your art. And while they’re deciding, make more art” Andy Warhol

The following is an actual event that happened to me at the age of 18.*

I think that this is ground zero for my sluttiness.

I’m pretty sure it all started here.

The scene has been re-created for the purpose of continuing the exposition of my perversion that has been addressed in my videos to date.

If you are coming to this video cold, I highly recommend watching my previous videos for context.

I hope this provides some insight into who I am, why I am – and why those videos exist.

Who are you Missy Jubilee?

I am a pervert

I am a deviate

I am fucked in the head


The naked man with no face

Let all the little secrets out sweetheart


A beach near where I grew up

3.20pm on a Thursday afternoon

Every afternoon I would escape from the world…. and just be by myself for a couple of hours

I would meet the naked man with no face

Continue sweetheart….

While I was sunbathing topless, he walked straight up to me and asked if he could join me. He was naked.

What did you say?



We lay there and talked for two hours. But the whole time, I couldn’t stop staring at his penis

I have no idea what he looked like

Except that he had green eyes

They were special pretty eyes

The more I looked, the harder he got

The harder he got, the more I looked

I was turned on by his lack of shame or embarrassment

And his need to watch my body

Then he asked me to go for a swim, but he said “I’m naked and you’ve got bikini bottoms on, you should take them off and them we’re even”

Clever. Did you?

What do you think?

I’m the girl who can’t say no. Remember the undressing video?

Keep up with me homeboy

This was the first time I had even been naked on a beach, and it was the first time a man had seen me naked. The whole time he was watching me, I felt like I was coming. Which is really weird, because up to then, I had never had an orgasm.

The whole time we never touched each other


Well, not really. I let him rub suntan oil on me

Of course you did

He rubbed the oil on my breasts. He was quite diligent in making sure they were properly oiled. Especially my nipples.

And he brushed his hand over my vagina a couple of times. Actually, it was probably 4 times. No.No. It was 5 times. Maybe 6 times. I think it was 6 times. Could have been 7 times. I think I lost count.

More than a couple of times then?

Yes. A few more.

Did he try to have sex with you?

No. He just watched. And watched, and watched, and watched, and watched.

But in the end, I had to leave. So we said goodbye, and I walked back up the beach.

So I left him lying there with a hard-on

The end?

Not quite.

About 50 metres up the beach, I stopped and turned back to look at him.


He was lying there masturbating while watching me. And when he saw I was watching him, he came. And when I saw him come, my whole body convulsed. It was the first orgasm I ever had, and it was totally externally influenced.

In that moment, I realized what I was


Missy Jubilee

Slut (noun). A woman who thinks like a man.

Producer/editor/slut Missy Jubilee

Music/Murder by Death/Bang Bang

Remixed by Missy Jubilee

The Future Love Sex Art Projekt remix