Missy talks to Cockup3 about shenanigans

Missy: I just thought of a book title for my autobiography. "Vagina. From the inside looking out".  How friggin cool is that shit. Waaaay I say. I do realise I have to stop my shenanigans and do something before I can write an autobiography. But at least having the name of it is one step closer than I was 15 seconds ago. p.s. shenanigans is a weird word. I think this is the first time I've ever used it in my life. I'm not sure I use it again. We'll see

Cockup3: I like the way you think - great title. I'd buy it. More shenanigans the better. I like the word "shenanigans" - you should definitely use it more often.

Missy: Hmmm. Interesting. You may have a point. It could be used many ways. "don't give me any of that shenanigan shit". "Shut your shenanigan". "Shenanigan off you bozo" "Bite my shenanigan" "Stick that up your shenanigan and smoke it" "You're such a shenanigan headed shenanigan".......Endless possibilities. I think you could be right. Shenanigans to you old chap