Missy questions MrD


What part of your body do people like on you and say looks great? And what is the best thing they have said about it?

Eyes, arms & shoulders, penis (typical thing for a guy to say).  

What is the one thing people would be shocked to know about you sexually?

Nothing to add here really, I’m cheeky, naughty and not inhibited so I don’t care what people think. I used to get around a lot, I had a lot of fun and I think most people that know me would have expected me to be a bit of a man slut.

When have you been most embarrassed sexually?

Not sure really, I remember a time when I was in London and hooked up with a page 3 model, we both had way too much Charlie and a too many drinks and couldn’t even get a boner. We tried to for hours but no joy – Stanley wouldn’t come out to play. I was a bit embarrassed at the time I guess but too stoned to care, we had fun though.

What is your favorite sexual thing to be done to you?

I love good oral sex – there’s nothing like a good head job from someone that knows what they are doing. If they don’t know what they are doing then it’s very disappointing.

What is your favorite sexual act to do to someone else?

I love sex outdoors in public places, I think the thought of getting busted adds to the excitement. I also love to give oral sex, I love the smell and taste of a woman’s pussy plus knowing that I’m getting her off while sucking, licking, nibbling & teasing her with my tongue and fingers is a great turn on for me (and her hopefully).

When do you feel most sexual exposed?

I guess when I’m with someone for the first time, it takes time to really know and understand your partner sexually. When learning about what she likes and doesn’t like this is when I want to impress my partner and can be a bit nervous – I’m not sure if I feel sexually exposed though.