Gina. 1st Time

My first time was with another boy. He was 8 also. We were watching tv in his room and a soft core porn show comes on on late night tv.

We start talking about how it will feel to be with a girl and what we think we would like and one thing lead to another. He asked if I think we should practice and well me being a little slut said sure. 

After that first time, I have done some things that really stick out in my mind.

We played a lot after that first time, almost every weekend and minute we could get together. We really had no clue what we were doing, but it was really fun. I remember me and him always taking a bath together and sucking each others cock in the tub. I don't know why but we did.

The most risky thing we did I would say was at a birthday party when every one was asleep. He would come get in my sleeping bag and go down on me and me with him with other people right there in the room sleeping.

It was so scary but I loved the rush of almost getting caught.

Then I moved away and no one to play with. So the time passed till I meet the next person that I would open up to sexually. Not that I did not want to keep going and explore,  more I just did not find that right person that was willing to push me to do things that no one would ever think I would do.

missy: 8?? 8??. I learnt today that the age of consent in Mexico is 12. Are you Mexican by any chance??