Gina. 12 years old

I am 12 and I meet the guy from next door and we play almost every day after we meet.

Wwe had known each other from before we started playing. We would swim naked and suck each other till we would cum. He would always pull away right as I would cum. He would try to get me to pull away but I love the feeling of a mouth full of cum and swallowing every drop just like should be done 

So after a few weeks of playing he said I should go camping with him and 4 of his friends for someone's birthday. We would all stay in someone's camper behind there house all night with no parents around it would be a "good" time.

So I agreed and get there. It is myself the boy next door 2 others - one a little older then us, about 13 or 14, his younger brother who is about 11 -  and 2 other 12 year olds We all lived around the same area in this small little town - kinda out in the country.

So we are there and someone pulls out a magazine of some naked girls. We passing it around you can see everyone getting hard and a little excited talking about how it will be the first time with a girl - what they can't wait to do -  just kid stuff.

The older boy says lets see who can cum the fastest. We all pull out our hard cocks, and well mine is rock hard. Seeing me and 4 guys there with hard cocks just touching themselves - I cum first. They all do shortly after me. We are all there with cum all over our cocks and my friends looks at me and says come clean this up -  I know you want to. Which I totally did so I go down on him in front of all the other boys sucking up his cum and starting to suck his dick in front of everyone. And they are all watching me and I can see them watching and am really getting turn on for the first time sexually. Just this strong feeling of wanting cock took over me. And one by one they each took of there cloths and came over and let me clean there cocks and suck on them. The youngest boy asked me after everyone was all clean and hard again how many times I could make them cum and I laughed and said how many times could they.

Over the night, I sucked each boy off about 3 to 4 times, just having them take turns using my mouth as they dumped their nice fresh loads.

While I was sucking one, the others would stand there letting me rub there dicks getting them nice and hard for their turn.

By the end of the night, I had taken more cum and sucked more dick than I ever thought was possible - well maybe at that time, but there would always be more.