Missy Jubilee. 031.1 Requiem. The Long Version

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Laurent Minh:


This evening I watched "Requiem", my heart was so tight. I saw a citation of "Antoine de Saint Exupéry"...

I never knew my gran' father. He was working at l'Aéropostale, the first aviation company in the world for postal delivery.
He was working at the electric circuity of the firsts airplanes, Antoine de Saint Exupéry was his friend. That said my Gran' Mother. Gran' father died at 40...

Gran' ma is 98 old, not completely disabled, she can't see, only shadows, talking is difficult for her. When I visit her at the geriatric house, I always say to her "Hey Mamy, you can leave now, you'll be welcome!".

I don't trust in god, but I respect religions.

There's one day to go, to disappear... But she'll never disappear, she's in my genome, I'm her memory, my daughters are her memory. Like each animal on this planet.

But she's afraid by the death, hell or heaven? She has to be judged. Was she ok with god principles? She doubted, so she prayed, all day long, she prayed to obtain the pardon. And she can't die, 'cause she don't feel clean enough...

Not like me. I don't believe in god. Human create god as his image, else there should be only one god, not Jupiter, Zeus, Aphrodite, Venus, Jesus, Mahomet and thousands of others...

Heaven is on this earth, or Hell is on this earth... Both made by the nature, humans are obviously parts of the nature... There's no other possibility for me.

Now, you're a part of my heaven (I should write "our heaven"). So fresh, so courageous, so delicious, so gorgeous, so amazing, so brilliant, so Missy...

Return to death : I will die quietly, a self decision, made by myself. It's time to go now! Death will be the greatest endorphins whirl of my life, the last hurricane of dopamine, noradrenaline, cortisol melted at the paroxysm. Exploding my brain in the last Ecstasy, the Biggest Orgasm of my life... without pain, only with pleasure!

En français, in french, we name the state after the orgasm "La petite mort", the small death...

Stop writing about me.

You, Missy, are the second true woman I met in my life, with a bigger member than most of men! (don't worry, mine is far from being ridiculous, even I have a woman sensitivity).

At the end of requiem, you really did it, a true orgasm, without shame, so beautiful, like I like... Like everybody has to like, a pure moment of emotion, the best feeling we can bring up to our whole body.


That's so kind of you to credit my name in your short-film, my heart was beating so hard when I saw it.


P.S. : I do a mistake in the Frank's translation, it should be read "Citronelle" instead "Citron", I'll do it tomorrow, it's time to me to go to bed, my wife is waiting for me, and she's so delicious...