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Alan Rogers:

Hi Missy,

Watched Requiem preview a week or so ago, and Pornomatik last night.

Requiem: Massive Princess Bride Fan, not sure why. A bit like the Blues Brothers It has become a cult film despite its weaknesses though. I think it is a bit 'marmite' you either love it or you hate it. (By the way vegemite is nothing like marmite, just saying). Never heard of Clipperton Island and do not get that reference. Oh and then it begins...

"Whan I am left alone with the walls, they whisper to me"

" I dream of what is real..."

"In the fog of reality I wear 1000 masks"

Good god girl, you are a pensmith of the highest. Never let anyone tell you different. I ache to write like that.

A requiem evokes a sadness. There is a lot of self loathing going on, but you are so above that. An intellectual. I like the way the insults are flying about but in my mind you seem to flip the proverbial bird at it all and say 'this is me'. 

I have a theory that we all have a book of poems we write. It is probably not true, but I love to think it is. Mine is a secret file on my MacBook that will never see the light of day and which I have trashed and restored a million times. Yours are published and out there and smack my previous statements about borrowing words halfway round the world into my waiting mouth. I am happy to swallow them.

Pornomatik: I too am trying to keep it real. Nobody is as perfect as the image you are portraying. Men. What do we know? We love naked girls. Most of us love submissive naked girls better. We yearn for submissive exhibitionist naked girls and kid ourselves that they exist. So that is what you show us. Then when our eyes are fully dilated you stream the data of poetry, mashup gorgeous sounds and challenge our brains to a fight to the death of reason. If I was not already hopelessly in love with my wife, I would be a puddle on the floor waiting for you to step in. You make me wonder.

I have seen you wear the collar before. I have seen the handprint where you were slapped...hard. You are right when we say, we get out of life what we really want. I hope and pray (no, not pray, I don't do that) you enjoy your life, this mask says you do.

Keep it real. Stay Classy Sydney,