Missy Jubilee. 037. Fantazm

Dirk Gently:

Hi Missy,

Just watched Fantazm. 

What I love about your films is that I cannot second guess their content by the name or cover shot. I have to watch the whole thing. Let it sink in, watch it again. Breathe. Then maybe watch it again before considering my response.

This video left me dry mouthed on first viewing. It is an incredibly brave bit of work in response to a self proclaimed champion of porn. And I feel he was missing the point; porn is not only self regulating, it has a different meaning depending on the viewer. I love your response though, not to shut him up, but to prove a point. Very well done.

There are constraints imposed by society that comprise of moral codes of conduct that ebb and flow with the generations and general 'awareness' of the populus. Todays hard core porn will almost certainly be seen as ridiculously tackily made crap in the future. I think your videos will stand up to that test and be seen as the art they are.

You are getting somewhere. You have stood up to be counted. You have planted a flag on the moral high ground, lit up a joint, had a few O's and have given Victorian values the finger.

M and M I salute you. And in the end, the love you take is equal to the art you make. Just popped a few dollars in the tip jar. Hope you got the knots out.