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Dan Peters:

Inspiring awesomeness is all I can say about your vids but you are killing my productivity at work! Seriously I can not stop watching your videos. Not sure where this all goes as you take us to some erotic highs in vids like cream'd and then share with us consequences of public misconceptions in Membrane. It is captivating as we all harbor internal fears especially about our sexuality. I might be drawn to your videos as I have a penchant for exhibitionism myself but unlike you I hide behind a mask rather than living in complete openness. Everything in life is a tradeoff and there are times for masks and openness.

Cheers to all that you are doing with your vids. I would be remiss not to say that you are amazingly beautiful. I enjoy watching you immensely and have cream'd myself a time or two with your vids playing. Thank you for that too;-)

Best regards,