Washing Day

Dear Missy,

I read your write  up on 'washing day' and would like to share my thoughts with you.

Many women come to know quiet early the power of their sexuality (so I understood women). And they use it manipulate men. But these are particular kind of women.  To understand them, we will have to go back in history and find all women as house makers with little or no say in important decision that society would take. So their influence on society was through the men in their life. So manipulation became a necessity.

Men who explored their sexuality were terms as 'STUDS' exalted term and women who explored their sexuality were termed as 'BITCH' . This was society's way of controlling female sexuality.

'CLEOPATRA' is sometimes quoted as a example of 'manipulative bitch'

The fact is that it is a biological wiring for both men and women. As you said , women like to be 'seen', so it is with men that they like to 'see'.

But the old games may be changing as women are also getting to enjoy the power that only men enjoyed at a point of time... do you agree?